Blurble Review (North Star Games)

What It Is

Blurble is a new party game from North Star Games. This is a card game that's all about your ability to react quickly and come up with a word that begins with the same letter as what's pictured on the cards. 

What's Included:

The game comes with 250 cards featuring different hand-drawn pictures. 

How To Play The Game:

In each round, there is a designated "Blurbler" that flips over a card. Then the Blurbler faces off against another player to 1) decipher what the art on the card is depicting and 2) say a word that begins with the same letter as fast as possible. 

Additional rules: No proper nouns, no numbers, no repeating words, and no words less than three letters in length. 

Whoever wins (i.e. is the fastest to say a word correctly) becomes, or stays, the Blurbler and holds onto the card as a point. 

The Blurbler continues to challenge each player around the table until a player has collected a certain number of points. How many points is left completely up to the people playing.

Is It Fun?

Things We Like About the Game: 

1) Gameplay is very easy to explain and quick to start playing. 

2) There isn't a whole lot of strategy to it, which for a party setting makes it a lot less intimidating than some games and for kids makes it easy for them to play along. 

3) Because the points value to win is left up to the people playing, you can make a game as short or as long as you like.

Things We Didn't Like About the Game:

The game is made for 4-8 players, but only two players are facing off against each other each round, which leaves everyone else just kind of sitting around. In a party setting, especially with eight players, you want everyone to be engaged. Sure, everyone else is acting as "referees" but the reality is they are all just antsy participants waiting to get their turn. Play moves quickly so it wasn't a deal breaker, but it might not appeal to some players. 

Who It’s For
Blurble is a 4-8 player game for ages 8 and up. While it does easily work for large group settings, we think the four person game is really the sweet spot here to keep rounds of play moving quickly and also keep all players engaged.
What To Be Aware Of
This was originally a Kickstarter-backed game created by Grant Bernard. Artwork has been updated in this newer addition from what was originally used in the original deck.
  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy