Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist
What It Is

Now kids can pretend to control the universe with this pint-sized Infinity Gauntlet made for little hands - although adults can easily wield it, too. And, it's only $19.99!

Intended for kids 5 years and up this version of Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet is designed to easily fit on most kids hands, and once it's on, just tap the central stone to activate lights and sounds. Of course, you can also pretend to take over the universe -just like Thanos.

Is It Fun?

While the toy doesn't look like a lot, it's great for kids who love acting out super hero scenes. And, the incredibly affordable price make it a great alternative for kids who may want the pricier - and bigger - Marvel Legends version.

Who It’s For

This is definitely a fun starter Infinity Gauntlet for would-be universe conquerors. While it's designed for kids, adults can easily wield it too. That said, adults will get bored easily.

What To Be Aware Of

What you see is what you get, and this gauntlet doesn't have many features other than one gem that lights up and movie sounds. And the fist  doesn't open or close.

It is, however, packed with two AAA batteries so the Infinity Gauntlet is ready right out of the box.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions


    2 AAA batteries required