Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War Iron Man Iron Spider Proxima Midnight Songbird Serpent Society Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War Iron Man Iron Spider Proxima Midnight Songbird Serpent Society
What It Is

Avengers: Infinity War is nearly in theaters, and since Marvel moved the release date up by a week, the excitement surrounding the biggest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is high for everyone, including toy collectors.

To cater to collectors, Hasbro has created a new six-inch scale Marvel Legends figures dedicated to the film's characters. With seven figures in the wave, four are dedicated to characters from the upcoming movie, along with three additional Marvel Heroes. As a bonus, pieces can be found in nearly every pack to build the movie's big bad - Thanos. And, while these figures live up to the line's dedication to super-posable figures with 16 to 17 points of articulation each, but the not so great news is that they are very light on accessories.

Leading off the wave is an Avengers: Infinity war version of Captain America. When we last saw him Captain America was on the run after the events of Civil War. This version of Steve Rogers is dressed in his "in hiding," darker tones featured in the Infinity War trailer. Cap comes with interchangeable fists that let you go from punching to holding the included, likely, Wakandan shield, mentioned in the trailer. This may actually be the first good look we get at it. Visually, this figure looks like a picture perfect Chris Evans, thanks to Hasbro's new "photo real" technology.

The end of Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced us to the new "Iron Spider" costume, and this figure brings it to 6-inch life with this super-posable version that has an extra joint in the chest for arachnid-style movement. The costume deco looks great, but the mask doesn't look as sleek as in the movie poster. This figure is also a bit lackluster, since it doesn't come with accessories or swappable hands.

Spotlighting evil, Proxima Midnight is one of the first of this film's villains turned into a Marvel Legends figure. First introduced in comics in 2013 as part of the Black Order, a group of Thanos's best combatants, it's expected that she will have a similar position in this movie. This is a great look at her costume design, and Hasbro did a great job with the gold accents and costume texture. However, the face looks a little bland due to a slightly muddy paint job. The face is offset by incredible detail in the hair, as well as her very elaborate, included spear.

The final Avenger in the wave is yet another Iron Man. while it's a good looking Iron Man, and the new armor makes it among the best looking figures in the wave, it's only really a "must have" purchase for completests, since Iron Man is packaged without a Thanos piece. This version of Iron Man comes with swappable hands and attachable blue blast/flight effects.

Moving into non-movie Avengers, Songbird is a much-anticipated addition to Marvel Legends. First introduced around 1998 in the Thunderbolts (although she has been around since the 70s as Screaming Mimi), this villain turned hero is beautifully sculpted in her classic costume. She also has pink wings, which are a visualization of her sound based powers. Songbird does not have additional accessories, but the wings are large and beautifully done. Interestingly, Hasbro announced this figure years ago as part of a promotion where fans voted on future Marvel Legends figures. While it took longer than expected for Songbird to land on shelves, this figure is worth the wait.

Next up is one of the best versions of Task Master ever! This take on Task Master features a grinning skull face that looks incredibly creepy. while this isn't the first Task Master in the Marvel Legends line., it looks better than previous versions - that creepy face is exquisite. Taskmaster comes with slightly better weapons (a sword, shield and gun), but there's no reason to buy him other than the Thanos piece.

The last figure in the wave is Klaus Voorhees, the leader of the Serpent Society. While he's a relatively minor villain in the scheme of things, he has a lot of fans who may want to add him to their collection. While his costume looks great, and the hood is perfectly sculpted, giving off a snake-like look. Unfortunately, there are no accessories, so there's not a lot you can do other than a standard pose.

The final piece in the line is Thanos. And, after buying everyone except Iron Man, you'll have collected all of the parts to put Thanos together, almost like collecting six infinity stones and embedding them in a glove. While this isn't the first Thanos Marvel Legends has released or even the first Thanos build-a-figure, it is the first one dedicated to the movie version. And, he looks pretty good. Hasbro's photo real technology captured his face perfectly, and - love it or hate it - he looks just like what you see in the trailer, Infinity Gauntlet and all.

With an age grading of 4 years and up, these figures can be played with or displayed in box or used in dioramas.

Is It Fun?

While some of the figures are really great, especially Songbird, this is an average wave of Marvel Legends figures due to the lack of accessories and average version of Iron Spider. That said, the Thanos build-a-figure is a satisfying addition to the line, and at a MSRP of $19.99, you can grab some great figures like Captain America and Songbird.

Who It’s For
This line is designed mostly for collectors and is highly poseable for anyone who wants to include them in dioramas or add them to displays. However, kids will like the line, too, especially classic characters like Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man. To keep kids engaged, there are lower-priced, more kid-friendly Avengers Infinity War action figures available.
What To Be Aware Of

The Marvel Legends line is known for including several highly detailed accessories with each of its figures, but this line goes in a different direction. Several of the characters in the wave, including Iron Spider and Serpent Society, come with no accessories, while others are limited to one or two. This seems to have been a trade-off for the pieces needed to create the Thanos build-a-figure, but it makes justifying the purchase of one figure in the line if you aren't interested in the Thanos build-a-figure.  Beyond that, if you want to build Thanos, you'll need to purchase six of the figures in the wave for a total of approximately $120 at MSRP.

Additionally, Iron Man does not come with a piece of Thanos. This is great if you don't want this version of Iron Man, but the accessories they packed in aren't especially stunning. 

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