ArmoGear Laser Battle 2-Pack and 4-Pack Review (Nesstoy)

ArmoGear Laser Battle 2-Pack and 4-Pack
What It Is

NessToy's ArmoGear Laser Battle is recommended for ages 8+. Each gun or vest requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Once you form your teams, you can select from four colors. Make sure to set both your gun and vest to that color. Put on your vests, find cover, and begin your battle! You can choose between four weapon modes: pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket. The larger the weapon, the more lives you can take out. And the bigger the gun, the more often you will need to reload, by pushing the reloader on the bottom of the gun. When you make contact, the vest will vibrate. Players have nine lives before their time is done. The guns feature flashlights, and you can also temporarily set it to invisible. If you don't want to play with vests, you can set the gun to be the receiver. Laser Battle utilizes a human-sounding voice to advise your weapon of choice, and when your game is over. The shooting range is 150 feet, and I recommend playing in as much space as possible. 

Is It Fun?
Yes - It's easy to play, and kids and adults will have a great time battling it out.  
Who It’s For
Laser Battlers, ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of

The $74.99 price is for the two-pack.  The four-pack costs $149.99.  

Each gun or vest requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. 

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    3 AAA batteries required