Baby Newspaper Review (People Toy Company)

Baby Newspaper
What It Is

Babies love paper and tissues, and so the People Toy Company created a toy to satisfy a baby's curiosity with something so basic: a Baby Newspaper. This is designed to look just like a real newspaper, complete with black-and-white pictures and text. But the pictures are all cartoon images of babies, and the text is all information that parents can read about their growing babies, complete with some humor in there, too. 

This seven-inch by 10-inch toy newspaper folds up like a newspaper and makes a crinkle sound when baby plays with it. But unlike real paper and tissues, it won't rip or tear. And it can be washed in the washing machine if your baby puts it in his or her mouth to chew on.

Is It Fun?

This is just a simple toy but it does a whole lot, from offering visual and auditory stimulation to just satisfying a baby's curiosity with the world around him. This is a nice alternative to your baby playing with real newspaper because this one won't tear and your baby can put this one in his mouth. Plus, it's small enough to put in the diaper bag to bring along for play on the go.

Who It’s For

The Brain Builders Baby Newspaper is for ages 4 months and up. It's a fun way to stimulate visual and auditory sensations for curious babies.

What To Be Aware Of

This toy is machine washable.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy