BlueSmart mia Review (BlueSmart Technology Corp.)

BlueSmart mia
What It Is

Being a new parent can make life crazy, but BlueSmart Technology aims to use tech to make one aspect of having a baby a little more organized. With its BlueSmart mia, parents can more easily keep track of their baby's feeding times and milk consumption, not to mention receive helpful indicators on milk temperature, the angle of the bottle during feeding, and when the milk inside the bottle is about to expire.

It all works through a BlueSmart mia smart sleeve, a colorful silicone sleeve that you slip onto the bottom of a baby bottle. (The sleeve comes in blue or pink.) With the help of wi-fi, it transmits feeding data to the accompanying free BlueSmart mia app, so you always have that information handy in your phone and can keep track of feeding habits from day to day. Lights on the silicone sleeve are what give you information about the temperature, expiration warning, and bottle angle during feeding.

You can manually input feeding information into the app or use voice control at the beginning and end of feeding simply by saying, "Hey mia" to activate the Ready to Listen indicator, which will automatically input the feeding data you say into the app.

Through the app, you can also keep track of your child's sleep, give other caregivers access to the app, add photos and notes, and keep track of your child's growth. The app offers suggested feeding plans and tips based on your baby's height, weight, and age.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a nice use of tech to make a parent's life easier. We really like this product's voice control feature because it means a busy parent doesn't have to remember to write anything down. It's also a way for working parents to stay connected with what's going on at home when their nanny or other caregiver updates the app with feeding progress throughout the day. Plus this has other helpful features from the temperature gauge to growth and sleep logs all in the same app. 

Who It’s For

The BlueSmart mia is for adult use only, and is designed to make it easier for a busy parent to keep track of a baby's feedings. This will definitely appeal to tech-savvy parents.

What To Be Aware Of

BlueSmart mia runs on a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cable and wireless charging base for charging. It can last a full day, based on normal feeding habits, on a full charge. It will go into sleep mode after one minute of inactivity.

This fits any regular-shaped transparent bottle. A bottle is not included.

The silicone rubber sleeve is dishwasher safe, but make sure to remove the indicator puck first. That part can be hand-washed with dish soap.

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