Color Smash Review (Pressman)

Color Smash
What It Is

Pressman's Color Smash is a card game for 2+ players, ages 6+. 113 cards and come in a mini tin paint can. The object of the game is to collect the most cards.  Players take turns placing a card in the middle of the play area. Each card has a colorful paint splat. Some have words on them too. If the card has no words, there is no action and the next player goes. If the word matches the color, quickly slap that card! The first player to slap, gets the pile.  If the color does not match the word, do not slap it! If you do slap it, you lose 5 cards which must be placed in their middle playing pile. If the colorful steal comes up, the first player to slap it, can steal 5 cards from an opponent's collected pile. The game ends when all cards are played, or when there is one player left. Some rules are a little unclear, and I also added my own house rule that if you slap a card without any words, you are penalized 2 cards. I like the cards, and the initial playing of the game is fun, but overall, I don't think it's a game I would play repeatedly.

Is It Fun?
Yes, but I don't think I would have fun with repeated play
Who It’s For
Card game players, and paint splat enthusiasts, ages 6+
What To Be Aware Of
Some of the words are small, and/or blend into the splats - bring your glasses! 
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  • Repeat Play

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