Hot Wheels Avengers Infinity War Avengers vs Thanos Showdown Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Avengers Infinity War Avengers vs Thanos Showdown
What It Is

Mattel's Hot Wheels Avengers Infinity War: Avengers vs. Thanos Showdown, features Ironman's car, tracks and a Thanos figure. This is recommended for ages 4-8. It does require some assembly. Spin Thanos in place and lift all attack walls. Place your Hot Wheels in the launcher, pull back, and it's time for action! Launch the car over the ramp and right into Thanos' chest. If you make contact, he will spin in anger, and let down the walls, and his defenses. Then, you can launch again and try for his head, which will knock him down. Or, detach the track from the ramp and connect it to any of three sides. This will set you up to blast your car into the boulder attack, missile, or battle axe. The launcher has three speeds - use the third setting when using the ramp, and the first setting for side attacks. Lining up launches to his chest or head will take some practice. Avengers Infinity War, the film, will be hitting theaters in May. But for those of you who can't wait for its release, start up your Hot Wheels and fight Thanos today!

Is It Fun?

Yes, kids will love launching the Iron Man car and the giant Thanos.

Who It’s For

Marvel, Avengers and Hot Wheels fans, ages 4-8.

What To Be Aware Of

Some assembly is required.

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