B3 Blitz Review (Creative Brainworks LLC)

B3 Blitz
What It Is
B3 Blitz is a skill and action game of bouncing ping pong balls into bucketz or tossing small bean bags into bucketz. The buckets have different point values, ranging from one to three points.  The rules have three different ways to play, whether it be high scores, or get one bean bag or ping pong ball in each level of scoring bucket,  The set comes with 4 ping pong balls, and 8 mini bean bags.      
Is It Fun?
It's a fun game that kids of most ages can play. The ping pong ball bouncing requires more skill than the bean bag toss, and bouncing it in the 3 bucket at the top is a bit more difficult.

We think this game is best for 2 players, although 4 can play, especially with the bean bags

Who It’s For
The game is age graded 8 and older, and kids will need some basic coordination skills to play.  We think its best on a table or a hard floor with ping pong balls. Bean bags can be played on any surface.
What To Be Aware Of
There are two things we thought needed improvement. There are only 2 ping pong balls per team, so a turn ends too quickly and you have to gather the ping pong balls. That frustrated us a little. As for the bean bags, there were two sets of four, but they made the colors extremely similar, which we thought is a mistake.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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