Screechers Wild! Screecher Speed Launcher & Rapid Fire Disc Blaster Review (Alpha)

Screechers Wild! Screecher Speed Launcher & Rapid Fire Disc Blaster
What It Is

Alpha's Screechers Wild are cars that ride over a collectible disc and transform. Discs are included with all vehicles and sets. Today we have the Screecher Speed Launcher and Rapid Fire Disc Blaster sets. They are sold separately and are recommended for ages 6+. The Screecher Speed Launcher set includes the car Nitebite. Open the launcher, set your launch distance and load in your car. Press the launcher and watch the car race away. Make sure to direct the car's launch towards a disc. Once the car makes contact, it will flip 360 degrees and morph mid-air, into a bat creature. The Rapid Fire Disc Blaster includes Sparkbug. Instead of launching a car, you are shooting the discs at the cars. Once the disc makes contact, your car will flip over and transform into a Sparkbug creature. All discs work with all cars, so sets can be mixed and matched. 

Is It Fun?
It would be fun if it worked a little better.  
Who It’s For
Car racers, ages 6+
What To Be Aware Of

The cars are a little tricky to put back together after transformation, and your fingers can get pinched. 

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