Petlinks Foxy Flyer Review (Worldwise)

Petlinks Foxy Flyer
What It Is

Petlinks' Foxy Flyer toy is pretty cute. It has a wide range of textures, from ribbons, soft downy fur, a rubber ring for launching and plushy linen cover.

The hypernip is already sewn inside the bulbous linen body, so once it's used up, there is no way to refill it. But your cats are still sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

All-around thoughts on this toy, it's nice to be able to use this as a dangler, by enticing my cats while hanging on the rubber loop or launching it into the next room to let it be bat around at your cat's content. The special catnip gives the Foxy Flyer an extra bang for the purchase price, and its just a pretty cute toy in general. It's worth pointing out that Clawd took special interest in the rubber loop and chewed through it the first time he played with it. So expect this toy to get some wear quickly thanks to the hypernip.

Is It Fun?
The Foxy Flyer from Petlinks is fun to play with from the human perspective, as well as from your cats point-of-view.
Who It’s For
I would safely say that this toy can be used for ANY cat with ANY temperament.  Since there are so many ways to enjoy this toy, whether its solo play or group play, your cat will be sure to find something they like about the Foxy Flyer, and you'll like the reasonable price tag.
What To Be Aware Of
If you plan on using the rubber ring as anything other than a "launcher" just know that your cat may be extra attracted to the material and chew through the elasticity right away.  However, Clawd is still playing with this toy, even though he ruined the rubber ring the first time he played with it.
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  • People Fun

  • Value