Jojo Siwa Fashion Headphones Review (eKids)

Jojo Siwa Fashion Headphones
What It Is

The JoJo Siwa Fashion Headphones from eKids are over-the-ear headphones with features that showcase the fun personality and style of the Nickelodeon pop star JoJo Siwa. 

The headphone's most prominent feature is, of course, the JoJo Siwa-style rainbow bow on top. The giant JoJo signature bow is removable (thanks to the clip) so kids can wear it without the headphones or customize the headband further by swapping it for their own accessories and bows. Additional features include chrome studs and the affirmation to "Be You" on each of the ear muffs as well as metallic blue details and other accents. The headband and ear muffs are padded for comfort. Simply tug on the headphones to make them larger or smaller to fit. Kids can also use the built-in mic on the woven audio cable to answer calls, adjust the volume, etc. 

Is It Fun?

With these JoJo Siwa headphones, fans will have fun looking like the pop star while they listen and rock out to all JoJo's hit songs such as "Boomerang", "Kid in a Candy Store", and "Hold the Drama." Thanks to the iHome name, these headphones also deliver a solid listening experience and the adjustability of the padded headphones also add to the wearability. 

Who It’s For

The JoJo Siwa Fashion Headphones from eKids are made for JoJo Siwa fans. The bow hair accessory has become a part of JoJo's signature look, and coupled with the positive "Be You" message, is what's really going to draw in fans to buy these headphones over another pair. Added features such as the built-in mic add to the listening experience.

What To Be Aware Of
These headphones feature a built-in in-line microphone, which you can use to answer calls or adjust the volume on your device. 

The Bow accessory features a crocodile style clip that easily slides on and off the headphone's band.

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