Jojo Siwa Selfie Star Video Recording Microphone Review (eKids)

Jojo Siwa Selfie Star Video Recording Microphone
What It Is

The JoJo Siwa Selfie Star Video Recording Microphone is a selfie stick that pairs up to the free Selfie Star Studio 2 app (for Apple devices) to sing along, record, and take selfies. 

To get started, insert your iPhone into the selfie stick's phone holder. It stretches to fit your iOS device (iPhones only!). Use the knobs to tighten the stick and hold your phone in place. Then connect your device through the headphone jack. (Note: Because of this requirement, the toy will not work with newer iPhone models that now lack this feature). Then, turn the microphone on for a greeting from JoJo. 

How to Use the Microphone

Use the microphone independent of the selfie stick or attach it to the stick for added fun. The microphone features seven buttons. Enter Song Mode by pressing the Music Note. Here, kids can sing along to the built-in song "Boomerang", or record their own music for additional sing-alongs in the future. Simply press the Song button a second time to exit this mode. To make a recording, press and hold any of the Record buttons, JoJo Siwa will then give you a rundown of what to do to add your own recordings or music. 

How to Use the Selfie Star Studio 2 App:

Enter the singing app to find three modes for play: video, selfie, and photo booth. 

Video Mode: Use your mic and phone to create your own music videos. Hit record to start recording then singalong or lip-sync to your favorite songs. Stop the recording when you're ready and add animation to jazz up your music video. 

Selfie Mode: In selfie mode, simply take a selfie by pressing the camera button on the selfie stick, then within the app chose a frame and decorate it with JoJo themed stickers and animations. 

Photo Booth Mode: This mode works the same as in the selfie mode, but this time you'll get to take a series of four photos, just as if you were sitting in a real photo booth. 

After each activity, you can chose to save your videos and photos to your device to later share with friends. 

Is It Fun?

Think of this microphone selfie stick as your own little music studio set-up in the palm of your hand. It has lots of play elements rolled into it for JoJo Siwa fans to pretend to be a pop star and show off their singing abilities to then share with family and friends in a safe way. 

Who It’s For

The JoJo Siwa Selfie Star Video Recording Microphone from eKids is for ages 8 and up. This is a toy microphone that will appeal to kids who are fans of JoJo Siwa and also have dreams of being a pop star or YouTube star. Parents will like that it offers kids a safe environment for them to create their own music videos without immediately having it shared to a social platform or app. 

What To Be Aware Of

One thing to note before you get started is that because this is no ordinary selfie stick, it will only take pictures within the Selfie Star Studio app. 

As previously mentioned, the JoJo Siwa Selfie Star Video Recording Microphone is only compatible with iPhones and because you'll need to connect the selfie stick via the headphone jack, it will not work with the latest iPhone models. We suggest removing bulky cases to make it easier to insert phones into the holders.

Three AA batteries are required and they are not included. 

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    3 AA batteries required