Jurassic World Rip-Run Dinos Velociraptor "Blue" and Owen & Motorcycle Review (Mattel)

Jurassic World Rip-Run Dinos Velociraptor
What It Is

The Jurassic World Rip-Run Dinos Velociraptor "Blue" and Owen & Motorcycle sets are rev-up vehicle and dinosaur toys based on the popular dynamic dino/human duo from the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie. Fans of the Jurassic World films, first saw Owen's unique relationship with the velociraptors, specifically Blue in the last movie, so we can only hope they'll be teaming up for more moments in the new film. But until then, these two kid-powered toys let kid play out their own adventures with Blue or Owen, or pair them together. 

On their own, each comes with a ripcord that you can insert and quickly pull through to send them on the move. Owen rides his motorcycle, while Blue runs forward. 

These toys can be connected using the included plastic insert so that when you send Owen off on his motorcycle, Blue is right by his side running along with him. When paired, however, the ripcord is not needed. 

Is It Fun?

We like how these toys bring together Blue and Owen in a way that is very true to the film and their relationship. We also like that the rev feature is kid-powered so they can feel like they are bringing the characters to life in their own space. In addition, the attention to detail of both the Owen and Blue figures deserves an honorable mention for collectors. The Owen figure in particular is spot-on in terms of its likeness to Chris Pratt's character in the movies. 

Who It’s For

The Rip-Run Dinos Assortment is for ages 3 and up from Mattel. These toys will appeal to young fans of the films to reenact the classic scene from Jurassic World, in which Owen and Blue race together to take down the bad guys and stop the Indominus Rex

What To Be Aware Of
While the figures in this new line of Jurassic World products from Mattel are all universal scale, this one is permanently attached to the vehicle and can not be removed for play with other sets in the line.
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