SmartyKat Mer Mouse Review (Worldwise)

SmartyKat Mer Mouse
What It Is

The Mer Mouse is a medium-sized mermaid-inspired kicker toy, and it did a good job of attracting my cats attention without the use of catnip. This toy is adorned with bright feathers on its top and tail. The feathers that are attached are fun for your cat to bat and lick. The body of this mouse mermaid is covered in a laquered aquamarine plastic fabric. SUPER SHINY. Its ideal for wrestling, kicking and hunting, and it's the perfect size for most feline companions.

Clawdius enjoyed batting the Mer Mouse across the hardwood floors. It really sailed thanks to that laquered fabric on the tail. The tail was also the ideal size for Clawd to be able to carry it around in his mouth. 

With this stuffed toy, there is no assembly required, just detach from the packaging and its ready to go.

The aspect we specifically liked about the Mer Mouse was the laquered tail. It held up well enough to avoid any punctures when Clawd was hugging and kicking it about, so it appears to be a durable product. And the fact that my cats were attracted to this product without the enticement of catnip was also a nice bonus.

Is It Fun?
For cats, yes.  For humans, not so much.  We tried playing with this toy together and with how aggressive Clawd plays, I ended up with some scratches on my hands.  But it is visually pleasing to look at from a human perspective.  Mer Mouse's are SO HOT right now. So hot.
Who It’s For
Any size feline will find this Mer Mouse to be the perfect size.
What To Be Aware Of
With repeated play, the feathers on the top and tail may not hold up forever.  This is something you can come to expect when using delicate feathers on a cat toy.
  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value