Mad Mattr Quantum Pod Review (Relevant Play)

Mad Mattr Quantum Pod
What It Is

Build wherever you go with the Mad Mattr Quantum Pods. These easy-to-carry pocket-sized containers hold two ounces of the soft and moldable Mad Mattr compound. There are six colors to choose from: green, blue, pink, teal, purple, and red.

If you're not familiar with Mad Mattr, it's a building compound that has a soft and fluffy texture, but it sticks to itself so that if you're molding and building with it, it won't lose its shape. Plus, it never dries out.

Is It Fun?

Mad Mattr is a really nice combination of tactile play with building play that is perfect for kids who like playing and creating with modeling compounds. And because it has such a soft and fluffy texture, it could even just be something that you sit around and squeeze like a fidget toy. It's hard to put this stuff down! The Quantum Pods are the perfect size for taking the Mad Mattr on the go so you always have some with you whenever the need to squeeze it strikes.

Who It’s For

Mad Mattr Quantum Pods are for ages 3 and up. They will be fun for kids who like playing with Mad Mattr and any kid who likes playing and creating with modeling compounds.

What To Be Aware Of

Mad Mattr is wheat-, gluten-, and casein-free.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy