Mochi Teething Jewelry Handy Charm Necklace Review (People Toy Company)

Mochi Teething Jewelry Handy Charm Necklace
What It Is

Soothing for baby and stylish for mom. That's what Mochi Teething Jewelry is all about. Both the Handy Charm Necklace and the Double Pendant Necklace, sold separately, can be worn by mom as necklaces but are also safe for baby to chew on when being held in mom's arms or worn in a baby carrier. That's because these teething necklaces are made from sustainable rice plastic. The necklace straps are also removable and washable.

Plus, each necklace has different sensory features. The Charm Necklace makes a soft rattle sound when babies shake it, and while the front side has a plain pink pearl look to it, the back side features different textures for babies to explore with their fingers or gums.

The Double Pendant Necklace has a white circle and a brown square charm, both with bubble and ribbed textures. Mom can wear the circle on top or switch the order and wear the square on top.

Why Is It Useful?

First and foremost, the eco-friendly aspect of the Mochi Teething Jewelry will certainly appeal to parents who are concerned about what their babies are putting in their mouths. And with teething babies, everything goes into the mouth. The charms on each piece of jewelry have nice textures that can help stimulate a baby's senses and soothe sore gums. And we like the colors and designs of the charms to easily fit in with mom's wardrobe.

Who It’s For

The Mochi Teething Jewelry is for babies from birth and up. The jewelry should only be worn by adults and never the baby.

What To Be Aware Of

The Handy Charm Necklace and Double Pendant Necklace are sold separately.

These products are developed with Japanese rice-plastic technology, using 51 percent rice in their construction. There are no toxic paints or adhesives used in the Mochi series. They are free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, and lead.

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