Cutie Mouse Feathered Crinkle Toy Review (Petlinks)

Cutie Mouse Feathered Crinkle Toy
What It Is

 Cutie Mouse does need a minute so you can take it all in. There is so much going on. They call it a mouse, but it's more like a flattened baby flying squirrel. It's got legs for days. And some imitation of Edward Scissorhands' opposite twin. Feathers for feet.  It's cute!  And as this is not a product that contains incentivized catnip, you take a small gamble to see if this mouse is a house favorite.

Why Is It Useful?
If your cat likes this Cutie Mouse, the bonus for you, as an owner, is the fact that the toy is great for your cat to play with BY THEMSELVES.  They'll quietly tuck themselves away and lick and paw this fuzzy mouse until they fall asleep. 
Who It’s For

The body of this mouse is stuffed with crinkle paper. Crinkle paper is to cat toys, that squeakers are to dog toys. So if your cat gets excited when their toys make sounds, this is a good starter toy, without it being annoying. The Cutie Mouse also has long, flowy legs, that start of as soft cord then blossoms into feathers for feet.  And if your cat tends to lick and nuzzle their favorite toys, Cutie Mouse is for your feline. 

What To Be Aware Of
You may be tempted to use this as a teaser toy, but due to the delicate nature of the cords, this would not be advised.  
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