Petlinks Claw Cone Seagrass Scratch Tower Review (Worldwise)

Petlinks Claw Cone Seagrass Scratch Tower
What It Is

Worldwise introduces Petlinks' Claw Cone.

We really, really, really wanted to like this product! The design of the cone is so clean and simple and its made from a material that you probably don't already have in your house right now. The seagrass ropes that cover the cone is IDEAL for cat scratching products because it is durable and its rarely found on home furnishings. That is important because you don't really want scratchers to have the same surface as what you want to DETER your cat from scratching on. The cone is even topped with wonderfully twisted ribbon and a cute cat bauble.

But none of those elements matter because the inside of the cone is hollow. Leading to the certifiable task of setting AND resetting this cone up every time my cats attempted to engage with the product. 

Why Is It Useful?
As it is currently designed, the Claw Cone is NOT useful.  Since it is unable to stand upright for its intended purpose, a scratching post, the cone just rolls around on the floor.
Who It’s For
Although Claw was unable to use this product for it's intended purpose, perhaps due to his large size, one might assume that this product might work better for kittens and smaller cats.  But at almost a $30 price point, it seems like a risky purchase.
What To Be Aware Of

If this cone either had a wider base, or was weighted in some way, our household would be totally converted.  This might also be a product that is better suited to kittens and small cats. So as many perks as it COULD have, they all fall flat with this products inability to even stand upright.

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