Fluffables Review (Orb)

What It Is

Get huggable with Fluffables, cuddly characters that you create. You can design your Fluffable however you want, and then decorate it with the surprise accessory piece in the Mystery Accessory Pack. 

The premise of Fluffables is pretty simple. You take colored pieces of fluffy yarn, push it into a soft plastic body form using the provided tool, fluff it up and trim it up, decorate, display, and play. 

There are three Fluffables kits to choose from, and each one creates a character that looks pretty much the same. The only difference is the color scheme of the character and the mystery accessory inside. There's green, pink, and white Kiwi; orange, yellow, and white Pumpkin; and pink, grey, and white Cinnamon. Each is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

This is a cute little activity that will appeal to kids who like animals, stuffed animals, and craft projects. It does take time to create, but that's all part of the fun, and kids who have the patience to see it through will enjoy the creation process and getting to design their own fluffy little creature. 

Who It’s For

Fluffables are for ages 6 and up. Crafty kids who like stuffed animals and who have the patience to make craft projects will enjoy creating these fluffy little creatures.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 45 minutes to create one Fluffable, and the instructions were easy to follow. You will need scissors.

The kits come with a form, two tools, six accessories, a mystery pack, and seven bundles of yarn.

There are three Fluffables sets to choose from and each is sold separately.

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