Essentials by Britax Allegiance Car Seat Review (Britax)

Essentials by Britax Allegiance Car Seat
What It Is

Britax created a new Essentials by Britax line of car seats aimed at being more accessible to parents while still providing Britax's premium levels of protection.

One of the first two car seats in the line is the Allegiance Convertible Car Seat. This car seat can be used rear-facing and forward-facing. It features patented SafeCell Impact Protection to help shield a child passenger in the event of a crash. The three components of that include an impact-absorbing base that compresses to reduce the force of the collision, an energy-absorbing tether to minimize forward seat rotation and keep baby's head safe, and an impact-stabilizing steel frame to absorb crash impact and provide seat stability. 

The car seat also has side impact protection created by a deep foam-lined shell. The 10-position harness and adjustable headrest also makes it easy for this car seat to grow with your baby.

This car seat is LATCH compatible for an easier installation, and it comes in six fabric styles, all of which can be removed for clean-up without having to remove the harness.

Why Is It Useful?

This car seat offers excellent safety features, and it will grow with your child from birth through the preschool years. If you want the Britax standard of quality but at a more affordable price point, then the Allegiance is a good option.

Who It’s For

The Allegiance Convertible Car Seat can be used rear-facing with babies weighing 5 pounds to 40 pounds and forward-facing with kids weighing 20 pounds to 65 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

Even though the cover is removable, it is not machine washable.

It was difficult pressing the lever to make the seat recline for using it in the rear-facing position.

Always make sure you carefully follow the installation instructions whether you are using the LATCH system or lap belt installation.

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