SmartyKat Twirl 'N Peek Review (Worldwise)

SmartyKat Twirl 'N Peek
What It Is

The Twirl 'N Peek is a 2-in-1 cat toy, which includes a spinning toy top and a peek-a-boo box. The suggested use of this toy makes the Twirl 'N Peek cut-outs a fun interactive toy for your cat when they are paired together. The motor-powered feather top peeks itself in and out of the multiple cardboard holes for engaging playtime .

Some assembly is required for this toy. The cardboard box comes completely flat in the packaging, but trust me, its very easy to put together. The spinning feather toy top needs 4 LR44 batteries, and thankfully they are already included and installed. 

We enjoyed that we could use the toy in different ways,the easy assembly and that the batteries come with the product.

Our concerns were this: the feathers attached to the top will fall off quickly with simple playtime, the peek-a-boo box is made from very light cardboard and easily gets batted about, and I would recommend NOT letting your feline use this product unsupervised.

Is It Fun?
The Twirl N Peek is just ok in our books, for both cats and humans.
Who It’s For
Not recommended for cats who tend to be aggressive during playtime.  If they are, they will bat the light cardboard box around and probably rip the feathers right off the top of the spinning ball.
What To Be Aware Of

The general construction of the Twirl 'N Peek is pretty average and the spinning top makes A LOT of noise when it's in use. Not the quiet "swishing" sound the packaging advertises.

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