SmartyKat Claw Tower Review (Worldwise)

SmartyKat Claw Tower
What It Is

The Claw Tower is a multi-tiered, sturdy scratching post. The product is packaged in a relatively manageable box, but this means it requires some set up before your feline can take to the tower. Starting at the bottom with the foldable, yet stable, tip-resistant base, you need to screw the the pillar made of sisal rope first. For this you'll need to use a flat head screwdriver, or a coin if you have one lying around, to screw it in. The first pillar of the tower is great for maintaining your cat's need to keep their sharp nails trim and proves to be an effective scratching outlet. The second pillar, which completes the tower, is comprised of loopy carpet, and is at an ideal height for your cat to stretch up and reach for the multi-colored ribbon that are attached to the top.

The Claw Tower also comes with three velcro catnip baubles that attach to the carpet pillar.

Clawd was attached to the Claw Tower from the moment he spotted the new toy in the house, and was simply unwilling to share this new toy with his adopted sister.

As a whole, we enjoyed the variety of textures that the totem was comprised of, the fact that the base held up well to Clawd throwing his weight around, and the velcro cat nip baubles were a nice incentive to get my cats to stretch all the way to the top of the tower. Just a heads-up for this product, we would suggest that you do not get attached to how cute the Claw Tower is. With any regular use, the carpet and rope on the tower will begin to dangle and fray. There are already several spots on this product from Clawd's first use. But it was still a winner in our house.

Why Is It Useful?

The Claw Tower is GREAT for keeping your furbabies talons in check. And a great outlet, that isn't your furniture.

Who It’s For

Small cats. Big Cats. Cats with claws. Cats without claws. All your feline friends will adore taking the "Tower Challenge."

What To Be Aware Of

If your cat is using the Claw Tower as instructed, it will see a lot of use, and it happens fast. The carpet and sisal rope pillars will see wear and tear almost immediately. But again, that is to be expected with a scratching post-inspired toy.

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