Halo Team Red Warthog and Spartan Figure Review (Mattel)

Halo Team Red Warthog and Spartan Figure
What It Is

Anyone who really loves playing Halo might be tempted to decorate their game room, office or home with great looking toys based on Halo characters and vehicles. Unfortunately, due to an odd choice to develop this toy in a 12-inch scale, this is one item to abandon behind enemy lines.

Featuring a tremendous version of the classic UNSC Warthog and a Master Chief Mark Four action figure, this toy feels like a concept that got away from designers. In theory, a 21-inch vehicle seems like the perfect way to show high detail, but that's the major area where this item is a letdown. With little more than laser-etched lines to show where different armor plates are placed on the Warthog, there's nothing that distinguishes this vehicle other than it's size.

The figure itself is also pretty basic with eleven points of articulation, and again offers very little detail in the sculpt.

This set will look fine, but not great, if you want to display it, and this is another place where the scale works against it. If you're going to dedicate nearly two feet of shelf space to one toy, it needs to look spectacular. This doesn't.

With an MSRP of $49.99 and an age grading of four years and up, there's very little reason for you to roll this item off the shelves.

Is It Fun?

Unless you're completely obsessed with Halo, there's little fun to have with this toy. It's oversized and won't mesh well with existing Halo items. It also has two blasters - one mounted on the warthog and one that Master Chief can hold. But, the basters don't fire, adding to the averageness of the item.

Who It’s For
This toy is purely for Halo collectors who need to have everything, Kids and those who like Halo toys, but don't need every one can likely skip it.
What To Be Aware Of
While this is a very large figure and vehicle set, the items have a hollow feel to them. At $49.99 MSRP, you'd expect more weight in the toys, especially the figure.
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