Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle Review (Tommee Tippee)

Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle
What It Is

Colic is no fun for baby or mom and dad. So that's why Tommee Tippee combined the latest in anti-colic innovation with its breast-like nipple to create the Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle. Using three-piece anti-colic technology, air is drawn away from milk (breastmilk or formula), and the star valve keeps milk from traveling back up the tube for no leaks.

Not to mention that there's a built-in heat sensing straw that will tell you if the milk is too hot, too cold, or just right after you heat it up. Simply dip the straw into the milk for five seconds and wait for it to change color to see the feed temperature.

The bottle comes with a stage 1 slow flow nipple, and additional nipple stages are sold separately. The nipple has a breast-like shape to make it easy for baby to latch on and support the transition from breast to bottle. The bottle's ergonomic design makes it easy for the parent or baby to hold.

The bottle also comes with a brush for easy cleaning.

Why Is It Useful?

If you're the parent of a colicky baby or you're preparing for a baby and you're concerned that colic might be an issue, this bottle might be just what you're looking for. There are many anti-colic bottles out there, and if you've tried them with no success, then this might be your next step. Even with the anti-colic features aside, the promise of no leaks and the heat sensing straw are things that any parent can appreciate.

Who It’s For

The Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle is for ages birth and up. It is ideal for fussy bottle-fed babies.

What To Be Aware Of

The Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle comes in five-ounce and nine-ounce bottles. You can also get it in teal, pink, and blue.

We weren't able to test out the anti-colic benefits with a real baby, but if you're the parent of a colicky baby and you've tried other anti-colic bottles with no success, you're probably thinking that this one sounds pretty good right about now.

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