JigglyDoos Review (Jakks Pacific)

What It Is

The Jiggly Doos are new wiggly, jiggly miniature squishy character collectibles from Jakks Pacific. The JigglyDoos come in all different shaped and sized animals. This is Series 1 of the line, which currently includes 32 different characters to collect. The current assortment includes unicorns, bunnies, kittens, narwhals, tigers, bears, turtles, and more. 

Here we've got the Jiggly Doos two-pack, which comes with two Jiggly Doos, and the Jiggly Doos Lounge Set. In the two-pack, the clear packaging clearly shows you what character you're getting. Our two-pack featured a little pink seal and a green kitten. The Jiggly Doos Lounge Set is for play and display and comes with an exclusive unicorn Jiggly Doo. The playset also comes with two miniature plastic furniture, which are reminiscent of 90s style blow-up furniture, as well as a miniature popcorn and drink for roleplay.

Is It Fun?

Unlike the popular must-have slow-rise toys such as Jakks' Squish-Dee-Lish line, these little characters have a more gelly feel to them,  similar to the mochi squishy toys and mochi squishy animals we see coming out of Japan right now. In addition to being adorable, these toys are great for collecting, stacking, displaying, and also relieving some stress. One squish of these little animals and you'll be addicted, trust us. 

Who It’s For

Jiggly Doos are for ages 4 and up.  If you love the squishy toys but are looking for something a bit more pocket-sized, check out these Jiggly Doos. They have an addictive-to-touch texture to them that also offer a bit of fidgety stress relief.

What To Be Aware Of
These are not slow-rising toys; their gel texture makes them bounce back quickly. 
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