Newborn Gift Set Review (nanobebe)

Newborn Gift Set
What It Is

You've seen baby bottles before, but you've probably never seen one like the nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle. It doesn't look like traditional baby bottles, and that's because it's specially designed to protect the nutrients in breastmilk. Its domed shape and concave base spread the milk across a larger surface area to enable efficient cooling and warming. So after pumping, when you put the breastmilk in the fridge, it will cool down more quickly, reducing the growth of nutrient-damaging bacteria. Or when you go to warm up the bottle, the milk will warm up more quickly and evenly without being exposed to nutrient-damaging temperatures.

The nanobebe Newborn Gift Set comes with four of these BPA-free five-ounce bottles that can be stacked for storage thanks to their shape. Plus, there are a lot of other accessories inside the box.

So that the breastmilk bottles can grow with baby, there are four slow flow nipples and two medium flow nipples with four travel covers. 

You also get two flexy pacifiers for babies from birth to 3 months.

Accessories for the bottles include two breast pump adaptors that fit with the majority of most breast pumps and four storage caps.

And to warm up your bottles, there is a Smart Warming Bowl. This makes it easy to warm the bottles quickly and easily without electricity. You just place the bottle on the bowl's curved bottom and fill with warm water.

For easily sterilizing all of the bottle parts, there is a Microwave Steam Sterilizer, and you also get a Compact Drying Rack with removable pegs in two sizes.

Why Is It Useful?

This would make a great baby shower gift, especially for a mom-to-be who plans on breastfeeding and continuing with breastmilk in bottles when she goes back to work. It comes with a lot of great essentials designed to make feeding baby easier. 

But any mom is going to like the idea behind the nanobebe bottles. They are designed specifically to help keep the nutrients in breastmilk, and in doing so, the bottles also end up looking kind of breast-like, which might also aid in the breast-to-bottle transition.

Who It’s For

The nanobebe Newborn Gift Set can be used with babies from birth and up. Because it comes with so many great essentials, it would make a wonderful baby shower gift for a mom-to-be.

What To Be Aware Of

The included breast pump adaptors fit the majority of pumps on the market.

Additional nanobebe Breastmilk Bottles are sold separately.

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