MorfBoard Review (Jakks Pacific)

What It Is

The MorfBoard from Jakks Pacific is exactly what the name suggests, a board that morphs from one ride-on and piece of exercise gear into another. Seen here is the starter pack, allowing you to convert the board from a skateboard into a scooter. 

The MorfBoard board was created by a guy who knows his way around a skatepark so while it has kid-friendly features like a more absorbent flexible deck, it's also got high quality wheels and bearings that are an added bonus for the price for older riders. 

How does it work? 

The deck of the MorfBoard itself never changes. It features two slots where you can twist and lock into place different attachments to convert the board. This set comes with extensions to make it a skateboard or a scooter. 

In skateboard mode, you'll need to attach the Skate Xtensions. To do so, simply pop the Xtensions into the base, turn them 90-degrees, and viola! You'll know they are locked and ready by the flex trigger, which you'll see and hear snap into place. 

The Skate Xtensions feature 53mm urethane wheels, performance ABEC 5 bearings, and durable cast aluminum trucks. So, what does this mean in terms of skateboard performance? The wheel size is standard but great for beginner skateboarders offering a bit more stability for trick riding because they do move a bit slower. The ABEC 5 rating for the bearings is also standard but a good quality and speed for the price. The cast aluminum trucks ensure they won't rust, and the size is roughly 8 inches to match its 8-inch wide deck for riding. 

Tired of skateboarding? Swap out the Xtensions for the Scoot Xtensions; there's no need for another full ride-on. The Scoot Xtensions include a T-bar and another back wheel with on-deck foot brake. The T-bar, once attached, is also adjustable to three different heights to grow with your child or to pass on to a little brother or sister. The front Scoot Xtension features lean-to-steer front trucks so kids can simply shift their body weight to one side to move in a new direction or veer to one side. If at any point you need to come to a quicker stop. Simply use your back foot to hit the inset lever brake and drop your other foot to the ground. 

* See below for an important What to Be Aware Of.

Is It Fun?

The morphing feature of this ride-on is the big selling point. Not only is it  functional as both a skateboard and a scooter, but for parents it's saving you the hassle of purchasing two ride-ons for your child and lugging both around. In addition, this can be an especially great option if you maybe don't have a lot of storage space since everything comes apart. 

Who It’s For

The MorfBoard Starter Set is for ages 8 and up from Jakks Pacific.  It will appeal to both kids and parents for the multifunctionality, which saves you both space and money.

We had our resident skateboarder put the Morf Board to the test for both riding and tricks, and while it works fine, you don't get as much traction with the MorfBoard's deck as a standard board. For this reason, we think it's better suited for riding around on than doing tricks, unless you are more experienced. However, you might be able to attach some grip tape to combat this problem.

What To Be Aware Of

* The transforming features really is as simply to do as Jakks makes it out to be, but we tested two samples and once inserted the Scoot Xtension can be difficult to remove, especially without a strong adult's assistance. This was our biggest frustration, which we think is in part due to the design of this Xtension; while the board featured easy to push in attachments that you rotate to snap in and out of place, the T-Bar used power-button springs that are more inset, making it difficult to push and pull out in one smooth motion. 

Older kids (and kids at heart) can get added usage out of the MorfBoard with the additional Bounce and Balance Xtensions (sold separately), which are great for improving your core strength and stability indoors or outside (especially for those working on these and other board sports). 

Keep in mind, this scooter is still made for kids so your ability to carve isn't too extreme with the MorfBoard's lean feature but for beginners it might feel like just enough. You can not turn the T-bar's handle to turn.

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