Indoor Tether Tug Review (Tether Tug)

Indoor Tether Tug
What It Is
The Indoor Tether Tug is a smaller version of the original Tether Tug which is used outdoors.  The Indoor Tether Tug comes with a metal base that you slide under a heavy piece of furniture such as a sofa or under a leg of a piece of furniture. The base is easy to set up and once it's together you simply slip the fiberglass rod into it and your ready to play.  There is a soft rope braid on the end of the tether or you can attach your dog's favorite toy.  Your pal can either play solo, or you can get involved for some interactive fun. 
Is It Fun?
It should be a lot of fun and we think it would be once your dog becomes familiar with it.  However our test subjects were a little bit shy during the short duration we tested the products.  It could also have been the fact that they were not used to this play pattern indoors. 
Who It’s For
The Indoor Tether Tug is recommended for dogs 30 pounds and under because of the size of the fiberglass rod used.  Larger dogs could break it or worse, topple furniture while playing.  The Indoor Tether Tug can also be used by older pet parents who may have arm or hand weakness or pain. 
What To Be Aware Of
The base of the Indoor Tether Tug requires assembly which is easy.  It is designed to slide under a leg of a large piece of furniture but we found you can put it under something other than the leg if you stuff a towel or something similar under to take up the excess space.  Tether Tug is made in the USA. 
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