Petlinks Knead & Seek Cat Mat Review (Worldwise)

Petlinks Knead & Seek Cat Mat
What It Is

The Knead and Seek is a floor mat that combines multiple fabrics that are sure to keep your cat occupied in many ways. The whole underbelly of the mat is made up of very soft and plushy faux fur, making it impawsible for your cat not "make bread". With the multiple flaps on the Knead and Seek, your cat is also able to cocoon itself in the material.

The other flaps of the Knead and Seek are made of canvas and jute, both of which are purrfect for scratching. The instructions suggest putting this mat anywhere your cat currently likes to scratch. We found that the mat is so light and pliable that with any interaction, it doesn't stay in one place in our home for very long, even with the rubber nubbins on the bottom. 

When it comes to the "play" element of the Knead and Seek, the tassel attached to the corner appeared to be a real winner. This product also comes with catnip for an extra appeal, but for this review, I thought it was important to see how Clawd, and even Quinn, interacted with it by itself and not just because they wanted to lick the catnip off it.

Is It Fun?

You will find your cat using this product, long after you've laid it out for them. I love products for my pets that they will repeatedly come back to without my encouragement.

Who It’s For
.For the feline that can't contain their love of "making bread"
What To Be Aware Of

The Knead and Seek is very light so it moves around quite a bit. If you're using this as a deterrent for your cat scratching on other surfaces, it just might not be as successful as you'd hoped.

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