ThinKat Interactive Cat Feeder Review (Aikiou)

ThinKat Interactive Cat Feeder
What It Is

Dinner time in our home is ALWAYS a RACE to the FINISH. Most of the time my two cats need to be separated so one doesn't steal the others food before they can finish. Thin Kat made feeding time enjoyably different. By making your cats work for their dinner, it slows down rapid ingestion, lowers the chances of scarf-and-barf and helps prevent weight issues with activity being introduced as the normality for feeding times moving forward.

The instructions are very simple. They're just printed on the box and easy for everyone. No extra paperwork included or needed. Your cats can grab food from the channels, but also pick out the individual kibble pieces from the tops of the holes in the plants. But the openings are just the right size that only their paws fit, not their entire face.

Why Is It Useful?

When it's time to clean the feeder, everything is made from materials that are easily washed with mild soap. Plus, it's kinda cute. And for under $20, a chic cat must-have for your pet.

Who It’s For

Its great for clawed or non-clawed cats and I found that it was the perfect size for two cats to eat around comfortably without fighting for space.

What To Be Aware Of
The directions on the box suggest to start using the feeding system by leaving the tubes and rubber leaves off the plate in order for your cat to understand how food is to be removed from the channels. I skipped that step, and rather, introduced this product when it was time for their dinner naturally. They had no problem figuring out that if they wanted to eat they needed to work for it a little bit. Quinn did need a little coaxing, but it didn't take her long to get the hang of it like her not-so-little brother, Clawd.
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