Zippy Burrows Review (ZippyPaws)

Zippy Burrows
What It Is

The Food Burrows are part of the Zippy Burrow line of dog toys from ZippyPaws. The Coffee & Donutz Burrow is designed to be reminiscent of the ZippyPaws Donutz, their best-selling line soft doggy toys. Each burrow contains 3 small squeaky toys that are styled after the burrow they are in. For instance, the Coffee & Donutz have small donuts inside of the large coffee cup. The Milk & Cookies Burrow has plush cookies inside of the burrow which is shaped like milk carton. The Popcorn Bucket Burrow has plush popcorn balls........ and so on. The function of this toy is similar to that of treat dispensing puzzle toys for dogs except with the Zippy Burrows, the prize is a small toy instead of food. This will keep your pal from fattening up on dog treats. The Zippy Burrows are not chew toys so when your dog does retrieve a small toy from the burrow it should be taken away. Not only will this keep it from getting destroyed, but it will also encourage your dog to get the rest of the toys inside. We think the Zippy Burrows are sized for smaller dogs. Larger dogs with wide snouts will likely not succeed in removing the toys without damaging the burrow.

Is It Fun?

The Food Burrows are great fun for dogs who love the challenge of a puzzle toy. It's also fun for Pet Parents to watch their dogs think about how to get the squeaky toys out and then manipulate the burrow to do just that.

Who It’s For

The Food Burrows from ZippyPaws are for any dog that is curious and likes puzzle toys. Generally speaking though, these are suited for smaller dogs since the openings are only so wide.

What To Be Aware Of

The Food Burrows are not chew toys. If you leave the small toys or the burrows with Fido for too long, they will be destroyed. Also the holes are fairly small on these toys therefore we recommend the Food Burrows for smaller dogs with narrow snouts. Each small toy has a small squeaker inside. Like all dog toys these should be played with under strict pet parent supervision.

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