Spot Groovy Play Dog Toys Review (Ethical Products)

Spot Groovy Play Dog Toys
What It Is

Does your puppy love destroying dog toys? Well, then give them something they can really sink their teeth into with Ethical Products's Groovy Play Bone Pet Toys. These toys are made of thick-walled rubber and Dura-last technology for those pups who like to play strong. These dog toys also feature floppy tug straps designed for swinging, shaking and tug-o-war. There are even grooves and holes, which can be filled with treats or peanut butter. These toys also come in various styles and colors.

Is It Fun?

My dogs, Rockie and Lokie, had a blast with this toy. Before I could get into some hardy play with them, they started to play tug-o-war with each other. I personally loved this toy because my little Lokie wasn't able to destroy it. I let him have it for about a half hour and well my god of mischief had no luck destroying it. Plus, I like the size and feel of this toy and the straps made it super easy to get in a good tug session without me having to worry that one of them might accidentally get my hand.  

Who It’s For

This toy is great for active and youthful dogs that love plush toys and playing hard and rough. 

What To Be Aware Of

We always recommend supervising your dog when giving them toys. 

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

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