Sling Stix Review (Yulu)

Sling Stix
What It Is

Get ready for some outstanding active play. It's a whole new way to play catch...and many other types of games. These are Sling Stix from Yulu.  The set comes with two Sling Stix throwers. Each has a suction cup. Attach the ball by simply sticking it on, then use the 11-inch stick to lengthen your arm and power up your throwing potential. How does it work? Physics! Make your arm a whole lot longer, and you automatically dramatically increase power and distance for your throws. Press the trigger to release the ball, and watch it sail! Play catch with a friend, bounce it off a wall, and just go wild. 

You can make up your own games, experiment with different arm movements or throwing styles. This is classic outdoor fun that active kids will love. It's great for the backyard, the beach or anywhere you want to have some simple fun!

Is It Fun?
This is the most classic game of catch taken to a new level. The easy to use Sling Stix give kids a much more powerful throwing arm, and it's really fun to see what you can do with this and make up your own games. The ball is super bouncy, and it sticks really well to the suction cup. One of the things kids will like most about this is that there's no set way they have to play with it; they can make up all kinds of games, try out different throws and more. It works with another player, or hold both of the Sling Stix and challenge yourself. 
Who It’s For
These are age-graded for ages 6 and up. However, any kid who loves a creative game of catch or active play will have a blast with this. 
What To Be Aware Of
We played around a lot with this, and we found the ball isn't going to stick every time when you try to catch it with the suction cup. Sometimes you try to catch it at the wrong angle, and sometimes your opponent may throw the ball a little hard. So, there's a bit of skill involved in this, as simple as it is. But that's also the fun part. Everyone at TTPM wanted a turn with this, and we think that's pretty much how it will go in your home, too. Plus, it's a great value.
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