Shopkins Wild Style Shoppies Jessicake Review (Moose Toys)

Shopkins Wild Style Shoppies Jessicake
What It Is

The Shopkins Season 9 Wild Style Jessicake is part of the season 9 collection of Shopkins, which introduces new looks for the Shoppies, inspired by the wild side of a place not too far from Shopville, Pawville. Pawville is the home of the Shoppets, which are essentially the animal besties and counterparts to the Shoppies characters. 

Jessicake is one of the original Shoppies characters and remains a fan-favorite. And since her debut in the Happy Places Dreamy Bear collection, Jessicake has been spotted across new seasons such as Chef Club and World Vacation. Known for her fashion sense and love of cupcakes, Jessicake has added some new paw-rific fashions to her wardrobe. Featuring her same typical color scheme, she adds paw-shaped mittens, a paw-print skirt with furry tail, and headband featuring pink dog-like ears on the sides of her big bow. Her eyes have tiny paw prints on the pupils and her shoes even have a Petkins-style treatment. She still has cupcake accents and icing details throughout as well. 

Jessicake also comes with two Color Change Cutie Tribe members, Cupcake Fashionista and Celine Cupcake Shoe, as well as a bracelet that kids can wear and share.

Is It Fun?

We like how the world of Shopkins continues to expand in new ways with fun and imaginative storylines that still stay true to the Shopkins world. Jessicake is a fan-favorite and it's always fun to see how her look evolves to meet the season's newest themes. We also like the variation of accompanying mini Shopkins, which take a step away from her usual pairing with Cupcake-themed characters,  Coco Cupcake & Cherry Cake. This new Wild Style collection is also inspired by something that kids love: pet play.

Who It’s For

The Shopkins Season 9 Wild Style Jessicake is for ages 5 and up from Moose Toys. This will appeal to Shopkins collectors, kids that enjoy the doll play of the Shoppies, and those looking to expand the play in new ways with these pet/animal-themed offerings.

What To Be Aware Of
Additional Season 9 Wild Style dolls and collectibles are sold separately.
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