Doggie Doo Review (Goliath Games)

Doggie Doo
What It Is

Goliath Games' Doggie Doo is a game for 2-5 players, ages 4+. The game includes a Dog and pumping leash, 1 bone, 1 shovel, 1 dog spinner, a plunger, a storage box, 4 food pellets, and 11 fart tokens. In the game of Doggie Doo, players feed their pup and hope to be on the receiving end of good fortune. Start off by placing one food pellet into the dog's mouth. Insert the bone into his mouth and make sure it's air-tight and secure. Then spin and follow the spinner's direction by pumping the leash. Then, it's the next player's turd - I mean turn. With every pump, your doggie will rip one as the food quickly makes its way through his digestive system. If the dog poops, grab that shovel and clean it up. Also, take one fart token. The first player to collect 3 farts, wins. Guys like Milton Bradley and the Parker Brothers may be rolling in their graves, but there is no doubt that Doggie Doo will "make" your whole family laugh. There's no skill or strategy involved, and poops generally take 8 pumps to pass, but children will still enjoy playing. There may not be a lot repeat play but it's still plenty of fun. 

Is It Fun?

Yes, kids will crack up as they try to make this dog poop

Who It’s For
Players, doggies and doo, ages 4+
What To Be Aware Of
This game is all about poops and farts. 
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