LEGO City Mountain Police Headquarters Review (LEGO)

LEGO City Mountain Police Headquarters
What It Is

Lego item 60174, Lego City Mountain Police Headquarters includes 663 pieces. It took 1.5 hours to assemble. It is recommended for  ages 6-12. The Mountain Police Headquarters includes 7 mini figures: a police chief, a police pilot, 2 police officers, and three crooks. Assembly of this set will produce the police headquarters, 2 helicopters and helipad, a police 4x4, police motorbike, and a secret hiding spot. Within the headquarters is a cave which contains one lion mountain, also included.  The headquarters has an office with items like coffee mugs, computers, a fish tank, an opening door, and a satellite dish, because it's tough to get cable way up in the hills. Below the office is a parking garage and gate. Climb the stairs and you'll find a jail cell, complete with a security camera. The mountain lion lives below and you can push a trigger to make that lion pounce. The red helicopter piloted by a crook features a chain and hook, perfect to assist in a jailbreak. But be careful jailbird, because on top of the cell is a net shooter. One of our crooks is disguised as a tree, as he keeps lookout and protects his hidden gold bars. Other accessories include hand cuffs, a wrench, binoculars, a radio, a flashlight and a megaphone. Two of the crooks have two facial expressions each. 

Is It Fun?
Yes, children will enjoy assembling the Lego set and creating many police adventures.
Who It’s For
Lego fans, cops and robbers, ages 6-12
What To Be Aware Of

It includes 663 pieces and took one and a half hours to assemble.

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