WWE Wrestlemania 34 Figures Review (Mattel)

WWE Wrestlemania 34 Figures
What It Is

The AJ Styles figure is part of the Wrestlemania 34 collection of action figures from Mattel.  AJ Styles is the current WWE Smackdown Champion.  This 6 inch replica of AJ comes decorated with AJ's ring gear and the sculpting on AJ's face is very accurate.  The Wrestlmania 34 collection of action figures which includes AJ, the Big Show, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Bayley and Mojo Rawley are fully articulated which means you can re-create your favorite Wrestlemania moments in the ring or imagine new matches, moves and opponents of your own.  These figures are great for hardcore WWE fans, avid action figure collectors or for kids who want to add to the roster of wrestling figures in their toy-box. 

Is It Fun?
The WWE Wrestlemania 34 collection of action figures from Mattel can be great fun when simulating your own Wrestlemania matches at home.  The 6 inch figures are fully articulate so you can recreate some of the moves these wrestlers use in real life like AJ Styles' phenomenal forearm, Big Show's choke slam or a Bayley to belly suplex. 
Who It’s For
The WWE Wrestlemania 34 collection of figures are for any hardcore collector of WWE figures or for kids who enjoy re-creating WWE matches in their own ring. 
What To Be Aware Of
The WWE Wrestlemania 34 Series of action figures from Mattel include WWE wrestlers the Big Show, AJ Styles, Mojo Rawley, Bayley, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.  Each is sold separately. 
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