WWE Monsters Figures Review (Mattel)

WWE Monsters Figures
What It Is
The Braun Strowman/Frankenstein version of the new WWE Monsters collection is a fully articulated, 1/10th scale action figure.  The WWE Monsters are a collection of 5 figures that also includes Chris Jericho as the Mummy, Asuka as the Phantom, Jake the Snake Roberts as the Creature and Roman Reigns as the Werewolf.  Each of the figures has the features of the monster they represent along with a scary version of their ring attire. The Undertaker has fangs and bat wings. Chris Jericho has bandages wrapped around him.  Asuka wears the mask of the Phantom.  Roman Reigns has grown canine teeth and claws on his fingers and toes and Braun has been sewn together by the mad scientists at Mattel.
Is It Fun?
The WWE Monsters are a fun version of these five WWE Superstars and kids will enjoy adding them to their collection of figures and may even go as far as to invent monster powers for them to have in the ring. 
Who It’s For
The WWE Monsters, including Braun Strowman as Frankenstein, are for any WWE fans, WWE action figure Collectors and kids that want to add them to their own locker room of WWE Superstars.
What To Be Aware Of
Each WWE Monster is sold separately.  The Monsters are proportional.  Strowman is the tallest at 7 inches and Asuka is smallest at 6 inches. 
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