Squishmallows Valentine's Day Plush Review (Kellytoy)

Squishmallows Valentine's Day Plush
What It Is

Valentine's Day is a day of love and hugs, and what better toys to give lots of love and hugs to than Squishmallows? These soft and cuddly toys made from a memory foam-like material feature all-new Valentine's Day characters for lots of squeezes and squishes. 

In the nine-inch size, there's Marco, a pink hedgehog with glittery pink hearts embroidered on his front. According to his hangtag, he likes to spend Valentine's Day with his grandparents because they make homemade candy. Philippe the green frog has two glittery hearts as his rosy cheeks. He will be taking pictures of his family and friends on Valentine's Day. And Harriet the purple owl has a big glittery purple heart on her front. She's working on a Valentine's Day cookbook to share with her family and friends.

And in the 12.5-inch size, there's Roxy the pink cat who is going to plant pink tulips on February 14. This squishy cat has two glittery hearts on the front and a two-toned pink tail. And Maxwell the red monkey is a poet with two glittery hearts on the front and a long soft tail.

Each Valentine's Day Squishmallows character is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

These new Valentine's Day characters are really cute, and just like the original Squishmallows, they are so soft. Use them as a toy or a pillow, at home or on the go. If you like stuffed animals and you usually give a stuffed animal as a gift for Valentine's Day, then you'll definitely want to give a Squishmallow this year. Or keep one to squish and squeeze for yourself.

Who It’s For

Squishmallows are for all ages and will be a lot of fun for kids and even adults to hug and squeeze and cuddle. 

What To Be Aware Of

Each Valentine's Day Squishmallow is sold separately. The 9-inch sizes are $9.95 and the 12.5-inch sizes are $19.95.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility