Spirit: Riding Free Spirit Plush Review (Just Play)

Spirit: Riding Free Spirit Plush
What It Is

The DreamWorks Spirit: Riding Free plush characters from Just Play are available in different characters and sizes. Featured here are two 8-inch bean plush characters, Senor Carrots and Equuleus, and an 18-inch Spirit. 

Senor Carrots is Snips' donkey in the series and features a brownish-colored coat with a dark mane and tail and light colored legs. Equuleus is Lucky's mom's horse in the series, named after the constellation meaning 'little horse." In the series, Equuleus has more of a light grey appearance. Both of these characters in plush form have slight variations when it comes to coloring. Senor Carrots has a lighter colored mane and Equuleus has a speckled glittery appearance with star details, which perhaps plays into its namesake constellation. Each features a soft body with beans to give them an added, slightly weighed feel. They also feature embroidered features and soft fuzzy manes. 

The jumbo-sized Spirit is a roughly 18-inch stuffed version of Spirit seated in a resting position. Spirit has embroidered facial features, a super soft body, and a deluxe brushable mane.

Is It Fun?

Horses offer a timeless play pattern that especially appeals to young girls, which has been captured in the Spirit: Riding Free storyline. We think fans of the show will definitely want to cuddle up and play with these three characters.  We especially like the jumbo stuffed Spirit, which instead of having the typical wispy, fuzzy mane of a plush toy features a mane made of the same type of hair you'd find on a fashion doll or styling head, adding bonus hair play. 

Who It’s For

These Spirit Riding Free new plush friends are for ages 3 and up from Just Play. They will appeal to fans of the Netflix animated series as well as fans of horses. 

What To Be Aware Of

Each of these items is sold separately. Additional stuffed characters based on the new Netflix series, Spirit: Riding Free, are also available.

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