Remote Trainer Review (PetSafe)

Remote Trainer
What It Is

This is the Remote Trainer from PetSafe, a portable training system for dogs that will not respond to voice commands. The Remote Trainer is portable so you can bring anywhere and use it anytime which makes it great for vacations or camping. The Remote Trainer works in similar fashion to invisible fencing since it has a training collar that delivers static vibration, stimulation, or tone to let your dog know he is wandering too far. However you are in control of the training device thanks to a handy digital remote. This system is ideal for dogs who are stubborn and do not respond well to verbal commands and for pet parents that may not have a lot of excess time to properly train. The Remote Trainers are rechargeable using the provided adapter and the stimulation level can be adjusted from level 1 to level 7 thanks to a safety feature that requires you to unlock the upper levels. They also come in a variety of distances from 100 yards to 900 yards. Hopefully your dog will respond to vibration and tone along with your voice command without the static. If not the static stimulation may be necessary starting with the lowest level first. But when all else fails, this could prevent your dog from being hurt or worse. It should be known that the idea here is to lessen the static level as your dog begins to learn until you need only use the tone.

Why Is It Useful?

The Remote Trainer is useful for those pet families that require a training collar especially away from their own home. The Remote Trainer can generate tone, vibration and as a last resort, static stimulation help dogs learn their boundaries and to respond to commands. Once your pooch becomes compliant you can adjust the trainer to vibrate sound and tone rather than use the static stimulation.

Who It’s For

The Remote Trainer from PetSafe is for any Pet Parent who feels they've exhausted all avenues of training and their dog still might be in danger of running away. This can also be used for those canine kids who are stubborn and simply won't listen.

What To Be Aware Of

The PetSafe Remote Trainer is rechargeable and comes with a charger. Each remote can control up to 2 collars. The static stimulation creates a pinch like feel up to level 7. After that things get more uncomfortable but this discomfort could save your dog's life. There are 2 sizes of contact points to use depending on the thickness of your dog's fur. The PetSafe Remote Trainer and Collar are waterproof.

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