Laser X Micro Blasters Review (NSI International)

Laser X Micro Blasters
What It Is

This set comes with everything you need to enjoy laser tag at home. What's great about Laser X is that all the equipment works together. For example, you can use the Long Range Blaster with the Micro Blaster. All of it interacts with each other and does it well. That being said Laser X does not actually use lasers, but rather an infrared beam of light that is not visible to the naked eye and is best used inside where there is no direct sunlight to interfere with the beam and inhibit play. The Micro Blaster comes with 2 blasters, each which can shoot up to 100ft, 2 armband receivers and instruction guide. 

To play, simply select your team using the receiver. You can set your receiver to blue, red or a neutral team. Also, the receiver indicates your blaster power and remaining lives. Once the receiver is hit by an opponent the receiver's color will change. After 8 hits your out and the receiver must be turned off to play again, however, for each minute your not hit you gain back a life. Also, to load the Micro Blasters simply hold the trigger for about 2 seconds to load and reload it. Each Micro Blaster can hold up to 10 blasts before it needs to be reloaded.

Is It Fun?

Overall, the blasters are great fun with real working blasters and receivers as well as digital lights and sound effects that will have you chasing your friends around for hours. Also, the lasers can bounce off walls and furniture making play more fun.

Who It’s For

Laser X is recommended for ages 6 and up. Laser X is ideal for children and adults (if one can fit into the blaster's armband receiver) who love team play, active and physical play and love technology. 

What To Be Aware Of

The Micro Blaster set require 6AAA batteries. We recommend double checking that the Laser X receiver is turned off as not to drain the battery. Also, it should be noted that the strap on the Micro Blasters armband receiver is very small. It's so small that an older child might not be able to fit it at all. Also, the cord from the receiver to the blaster itself is also very short making it again less ideal for bigger kids. We also discourage playing with Laser X outdoors: around anywhere near cars, traffic or in dangerous locations. Rather Laser X should be enjoyed in large indoor open safe spaces.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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