Huge Wubble Fulla Marbles Review (NSI International)

Huge Wubble Fulla Marbles
What It Is

If you like bouncing, stretching, and squishing the Wubble Bubble ball, just wait until you get your hands on the Wubble Fulla ball. The Huge Wubble Fulla Marbles ball is a five-inch ball filled with colorful and squishy round balls made of a super-absorbent polymer that absorbs water. Watch the balls move around and feel their cool texture every time you squeeze the ball. 

It's also available in two smaller sizes, a four-inch Big ball and a 2.5-inch Tiny ball.

Is It Fun?

This is going to be a hard toy to put down. The feel of the marbles underneath your fingers as they move around has almost a massage quality to it and watching them move is hypnotic. Of course, because it's a ball, you can always play catch with it, but we think it's going to be most fun when used as a fidget-type toy among kids and adults.

Who It’s For

The Huge Wubble Fulla Marbles is for ages 6 and up. This is a fun tactile toy for kids who are fans of the original Wubble Balls or any kid who just likes fun fidget-type toys.

What To Be Aware Of

Big and Tiny sizes of the Wubble Fulla Marbles balls are sold separately.

A Wubble Fulla Slime ball is also available and sold separately.

The idea behind Wubble Fulla was actually inspired by Wubble Bubble ball fans who were filling their Wubble balls with slime, soda, and even mashed potatoes.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy