Crayola Color Alive Funny Faces Zany Zoo Review (Crayola)

Crayola Color Alive Funny Faces Zany Zoo
What It Is

The Crayola Color Alive Funny Faces Zany Zoo and Crazy Costumes coloring books are two new interactive coloring books from Crayola. Fueled by the never-endng trend of selfies and photo face filters, these coloring books let kids create their own on paper before making them digital. 

Using these augmented reality-style coloring books, kids can color and design their own wacky face filters for smart devices. The two spiral coloring books each come with 22 interactive coloring pages that kids can pair up to create unique face filter combos. Color them in, arrange the panels to your liking, and then scan them into the free Crayola Funny Faces app using your device's camera. Once there, kids can save their creations, add additional filters and stickers to take silly selfies to share with family and friends.

Is It Fun?
These are funny activity/coloring books that pair something creative (coloring) with something digital (selfie filters) in a way that's also a bit digitally safer than your typical social media apps. With the Crayola Funny Faces app, kids can still share over social but parents have a better monitor over it as opposed to them immediately sharing their photos.
Who It’s For

Crayola Color Alive Funny Faces Zany Zoo and Crazy Costumes coloring books are for ages 4 and up from Crayola. They will appeal to those looking for toys and activities that still might engage kids in the digital screen time they want but in a way that is more hands-on and creativity focused.

What To Be Aware Of

There are more than 200 Animal Faces and Crazy Costume combinations kids can create.

The Crayola app is compatible with iOS 10+ and Android 5+ systems.

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