Crayola Color Wonder Paintbrush Pens Review (Crayola)

Crayola Color Wonder Paintbrush Pens
What It Is

The Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Paintbrush Pens is a coloring kit from Crayola's Color Wonder line, which feature "wonder" solution inks and paints that only appear on Crayola's special Color Wonder paper. This set applies the Color Wonder technology to its paintbrush-style pens, which mimic the same kind of feel and appearance as using a round paint brush that produces broad and fine strokes, only in marker form. This kit comes with five Paint Pens (in red, orange, green, yellow, and blue) and 24 blank Color Wonder sheets of paper with perforated edges. 

To start using, grab a couple markers, a sheet of paper, and go crazy. Let your imagination be your guide. Use the tip of the markers to create fine details. Turn the marker and use the side to create broad strokes with the pen. 

Is It Fun?

The highlight of this kit is the combination of the paintbrush feel of these markers paired with the Color Wonder technology, which is a lifesaver for every parent's home  as well as faces and clothes. 

Who It’s For

The Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Paintbrush Pens set is for ages 3 and up from Crayola. This set will appeal to parents looking to encourage their child's creativity in a mess-free way. This will also appeal to kids that already like using Color Wonder coloring kits and are looking for new types of marker styles to work with as they color. 

What To Be Aware Of

Color Wonder markers only appear on Color Wonder paper. If the marker gets on anywhere else, such as hands, clothes, walls, furniture, etc. the colored ink won't show. It may look wet at first if it does get on these things but will dry clear. 

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