Nerf Nitro Aerofury Ramp Rage Review (Hasbro)

Nerf Nitro Aerofury Ramp Rage
What It Is

Nerf Nitro Aero-Fury Ramp Rage, from Hasbro, comes with a Nitro Blaster, a ramp, and two foam cars. It requires 4 AA batteries, not included, and it's recommended for ages 5+. To play, simply load your cars into the green slide on the top of the blaster. Place the blaster flat onto the ground, and make sure the safety is unlocked. Position the ramp in front of the blaster. Push down to engage the Nitro Blaster, and you will hear that sweet hum of impending action. Pull the trigger and away your car goes - out of the blaster and over the ramp. Press the trigger again for the next car. This is my first time playing with a Nitro Blaster, and I was worried that my reaction would be "who needs a blaster to have fun with cars?" It turns out, we all do - this is a lot of fun! These cars literally fly out of the blaster at speeds impossible for most humans to achieve. And if you have a need for speed, you will love seeing these cars jump the ramps at high velocity. Although the instructions note that the blaster will not operate unless placed flat on the floor, this is not true. I say this not to be difficult, but to warn parents that The Nitro can be used to blast cars in the air at other people. Ramps are fun, eye injuries are not. Safety warnings aside, I like the Nitro Aero-Fury - the cars are cute, and made for action.

Is It Fun?
Yes - the fast flying, ramp jumping cars are lots of fun to play with.  
Who It’s For
Nerf and vehicle fans, ages 5+
What To Be Aware Of

 It requires 4 AA batteries, not included

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