Handy Leash Review (EzyDog)

Handy Leash
What It Is

The Handy Leash from EzyDog is a dog leash with a unique design.  Instead of a standard handle, the handy leash has an adjustable neoprene wrap with a thumb-hole so you can remain hands-free while walking your pride and joy.  Simply insert your thumb, then  the rest of the wrap goes around your hand so you don't have to hold onto a handle.  As your dog pulls on the leash the wrap gets tighter giving you more control.   The rest of the leash is similar to their ZeroShock  which has a built in bungee action that acts as a shock absorber for your arm and shoulder. Another added feature is the secondary handle for those instances when a short lead is required to keep your dog under contro,l say at a traffic intersection or when approaching another dog or if you're in a crowd. This leash also has reflective stitching for safety purposes.The Handy Leash is part of EzyDog's Runners Collection for pet parents that like to take their dogs running or hiking.  We think this style of leash is also appropriate for people who like to keep their hands free while taking photos with a smart phone, or messaging friends and family.  The Handy Leash could even be used by older pet parents who have mobility issues and may have to steer a scooter while taking  their furbabies out for a roll.

Why Is It Useful?
The Handy Leash is useful for runners who don't like holding onto a handle.  Some leash handles can be uncomfortable.  It's also good for pet parents that may want to have access to their phones or carry bags while they walk.
Who It’s For
The Handy Leash is for any pet parent who is an outdoor enthusiast, runner or even a walker who likes to take pictures and/or communicate on their smart-phone.  Also, because of the bungee, this is a good leash to help train dogs who don't like to heel so much.  The bungee pressure reminds them to come back to you.
What To Be Aware Of
The item reviewed is the 48 inch Handy Leash.  It also comes in a 15 inch size for large dogs.  The Handy Leash is offered in black and red.  The Handy Leash has reflective stitching.
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