Furzz Fox Dog Toy, Small Review (Ethical Products)

Furzz Fox Dog Toy, Small
What It Is

The 13.5 inch Furzz are part of the SPOT Line of Dog Products from Ethical Products.  These are made for small to medium sized dogs. All of the animals offered from SPOT are available in this size as well as 20 inch.  These toys have very realistic looking skins and they are very soft to the touch.  The eyes are embroidered and can't be easily torn off or accidentally swallowed.  The bodies of the Furrz have no stuffing so they have a great flapping action when shaken by your pooch, just like they would with real prey.  This design also keeps Fido from attacking the body cavity as he might with toys that have stuffed bodies and squeakers. The heads do have stuffing and a squeaker though for those hounds that love to chew. Furrz shouldn't be used as a chew toy and should only used under pet parent supervision.  We think Furrz would be an excellent addition to any dogs toy box

Is It Fun?

Furrz are great fun for dogs because they look and feel real and provide plenty of flopping action.  Pet parents will like interacting with their furbabies by starting up a toss and fetch game or mild tugging.  But observing your dogs excitement is the real fun here.

Who It’s For

Furrz are for any dogs that enjoy stuffed toys for fetching, gentle tugging or nuzzling. 

What To Be Aware Of

Furrz come in 2 sizes, 20 inches and 13.5 inches.  There are 7 styles to choose from including Wild Boar, Buffalo, Wolf, Fox, Bear, Raccoon and Beaver.  Furrz should be played under pet parent supervision and when seriously damaged, should be taken away from your dog.

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