Disney Happy Places Style Studio Review (Moose Toys)

Disney Happy Places Style Studio
What It Is

Make your Happy Places even happier with the Disney Happy Places collection of Disney-themed accessories and playsets, including the Disney Happy Places Style Studio. This arts and crafts studio playset is all about Rapunzel, and it comes with 10 Rapunzel home decors: a sculpting tool, an unfinished clay pot, a double candle, a pot plant, a candle making pot, candles, a potter's wheel, a kiln, a chair, and a cabinet. On the mini accessories you'll find sun graphics, braided details that mimic Rapunzel's dress, and yellow braided hair details.

You can also add to the collection with the Disney Happy Places Rapunzel Arts 'n' Crafts Theme Pack, which includes an exclusive Star Glow doll and 14 home decors: glue, a pencil sharpener, a sketch pad, a stool, a desk lamp, a storage unit, a workbench, a cabinet, a side table, a pencil, yarn, a yarn bowl, a sewing machine, and a stamp and pad. All of these home decors have the same braiding, hair, and sun details. Plus, there are two click 'n' connect tiles for displaying the accessories.

And there is also a Belle Toasty Treats Theme Pack that includes an exclusive Katy Petals doll wearing a teapot-inspired dress plus 14 Beauty and the Beast-themed home decors: character-shaped cookies, a plate of marshmallows, a photo frame, a clock, a marshmallow stick, a tray, a chocolate fountain, a sofa, character-shaped twinkly lights, a fireplace screen, a rose petal side table, a book-themed coffee table, a fireplace, and a chaise lounge. This set also comes with two tiles.

Is It Fun?

These tiny accessories are so cute, and Disney fans will appreciate some of the clever details on them. This gives Disney fans a new way to play with some of their favorite Disney characters. It's fun doll play mixed with the surprise of collectible toy play, and young Disney fans will like being able to decorate their own happy place however they want.

Who It’s For

The Disney Happy Places toys are for ages 5 and up, and will be fun toys for Disney fans who like playing with dolls and dollhouses, and who like collecting mini toys. There might even be a broader appeal to older Disney fans who just want to add these cute toys to their general collections.

What To Be Aware Of

Disney Happy Places playsets are sold separately. The Style Studio is $19.99. The Rapunzel Arts 'n' Crafts and Belle Toasty Treats Theme Packs are $16.99.

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